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Hello Everyone, I am Nathan Hall, founder of the Hall Combatvies and Hall "Academy of Leadership" and author of "Unleashing Your Inner Warrior: Self Learning Mixed Martial Arts Techniques" and "A Universal Guide to Protecting Human Rights Through Self Defense"

I bring you the Hall Combatives Foundation (Not for Profit) and Hall - "Academy of Leadership" as a means to help combat human trafficking, and violence against women and children and expose corruption at all levels globally.  

We do this by providing an educational training platform to help you develop your Mind, Body & Soul through understanding your Human Rights, Learning Situational Awareness, Self-Defense, and Developing your Leadership Skills and Interpersonal/Intrapersonal skills. Thus ultimately, making you a better and stronger human being that is less likely to become a target of opportunity for a criminal abuser. 

A Universal Guide to Protecting Human Rights Through Self Defense

Unleashing Your Inner Warrior: Self-Learning Mixed Martial Arts Techniques

My Story

Nathan Hall, Ph.D., is an author, teacher, and human rights advocate. Dr. Nate Hall holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy with a Major in Law, is a Gulf War Era Veteran, US Army, Paratrooper, graduate of US Army Special Forces Operations, holds 14 Federal Emergency Management Agency Certifications (FEMA) along with a 7th Degree Black Belt in Nisei Goju Ryu under Grand Master Herbie Thompson, and Black Belts in Soo Bahk Do, Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Son Hwan Kwon who was one of Grand Master Hwang Kee's Original 43 Master Instructors in Seoul Korea. Dr. Hall trained in boxing with coach Beau Jack at 5th Street Gym-Miami, Kickboxing under Master Curtis Bush 5X World Kickboxing Champion, and is also formally trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Duncan Leung - a childhood friend/Wing Chun classmate of Bruce Lee, and disciple of Grand Master Yip Man.

Dr. Hall, while working at the National Military Command Center aka the Underground Pentagon "Site R" Special Programs - developed U.S. Military - Department of Defense and other government civilian agencies (Hand to Hand combat and Women's Rape Prevention programs and protocols. Dr. Hall was a former Director of Security for a Member(s) of the Royal Family of Jordan and has been a private contractor working in some of the most dangerous parts of the world on 5 continents in and out of war zones for the last 25 years.​

Dr. Hall is the founder of Hall Combatives Foundation Inc. (faith-based NGO) which helps combat human trafficking, violence against women and children, and exposing corruption at all levels.

Hall Combatives Foundation, Inc. (NGO) www.Hall Combatives Foundation .org

Our motto is "Liberate the oppressed, by any means necessary"


If I can ever be of service to anyone in need, you can contact me:

USA 407-777-9228 

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